World War Two Veteran

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Born: 31 Dec 1923
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Service Number: H1583
Date Of Enlistment: 24 Mar 1941
Rank: Able Seaman

Eric joined the Royal Australian Navy on 24th March 1941 and served until 7th June 1946. He joined the HMAS Hobart on the 21st September 1942. They patrolled the Coral Sea. On the 20th July 1943 when returning to Espiritu Santo, a torpedo was fired at the "Australia" by the Japanese, but hit the "Hobart" instead. His two mates were killed, as with many others, but luckily he had just left the position the torpedo hit and lived to tell his story. He witnessed the peace signing aboard Battleship "Missouri" on Sunday 2nd September 1945. The Hobart was sold to the Japanese in 1962, which made him unhappy as he loved his old ship. Eric married in 1948 to Nancy and had three daughters. He spent his last years in Queensland, and died on the 4th November 2016 at the age of 92. His ashes were taken back to Car Villa, Launceston, Tasmania and put into the War Memorial Wall there. He is missed so much by his family and friends.  RIP DAD, WE LOVE YOU.

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